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    Enhanced Email Builder: Campaign History


    Enhanced Email Builder: Campaign History

    Enhanced Email Builder: Campaign History

    The Campaign History page provides a record of email campaigns (both active and deactivated) corresponding to a club location and date. Campaign History enables users to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign by providing statistics gathered during its active period.

    To view the campaign history, hover over the Marketing icon on your navigation bar and select Campaign History.



    Campaign History Page


    1. Campaign Name: The name given to the campaign when it was originally built.
    2. Sent: The number of emails sent for the campaign during the selected date range.
    3. Opened: The number of campaign emails opened by recipients. Additionally, this column provides the percent of ‘Sent’ emails that were opened by recipients.
    4. Clicked: If the campaign’s emails contain a hyperlink, this column tracks how many recipients clicked the link within the email. Additionally, this column provides the percent of ‘Sent’ emails that had recipients click their hyperlink. 
    5. Total: Located at the bottom of the page, this row provides the combined total of all listed campaigns for each column of data.

    Filtering Campaign History

    Date drop-down menu: This menu enables users to filter campaigns by month and year. All campaigns that were active during the selected date will be listed.

    To filter by date, activate the menu and select the desired month/year from the drop-down list.

    Note: The available date goes back one calendar year. Any date further back will not be available in the Date drop-down menu.






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