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    Club OS E-Book Library


    A complete list of published e-books, and a few other resources, arranged from oldest to newest. 

    1. Gym and Studio Follow-Up Cadences

    2. Referrals and Retention e-book 

    3. Reporting and KPIs For Your Gym or Studio

    4. The Complete Guide to Email Marketing 

    5. Texting: The Secret Sales Tool For Your Gym 

    6. An In-Depth Guide to Increasing Personal Training Revenue

    7. 32 Actionable Ways to Increase Online & Offline Presence

    8. A How-To Advertising Guide For Gyms and Fitness Businesses

    9. 2018 Marketing Goals Planner

    10. 40+ Sales Scripts You Can Start Using in Your Business Today

    11. Trade Show Survival Guide

    12. Putting Your Members First: Strategies for Organic and Sustained Growth

    13. Make Sure Prospects Find You - Growing Your Google Presence

    14. The Marketing & Sales Tech Stack For Fitness Businesses

    15. Sales & Retention Handbook for Studios

    16. Sales & Retention Handbook for Clubs

    17. Cancellation and Expiration e-book 

    18. The Guest Book: Follow-Up Scripts For Club Guests

    19. 18 Cool Things You Can Do With The New Club OS Email Builder

    20. Prospect Handbook: 35+ Scripts Follow-Up Scripts

    21. Pre-SalePlaybook: Strategies For Prospecting Prior To Opening Day

    22. Crush The Rush: Proactive Strategies To Win Big In January

    23. Club-Level Retention Scorecard

    24. Member Retention Scorecard

    25. Studio Prospects Scripts E-Book

    26. Gym Prospects Scripts E-Book

    27. The Ultimate 2019 Marketing Planner For Studios

    28. Boost Member Engagement (For Gyms)

    29. Boost Client Engagement (For Studios)

    30. Technology Trends Reshaping the Fitness Industry (For Gyms)

    31. Technology Trends Reshaping the Fitness Industry (For Studios)

    32. Building Text Campaigns to Drive Marketing Results (For Gyms)

    33. Building Text Campaigns to Drive Marketing Results (For Studios)

    34. Don’t Sweat The Summer Slump (For Gyms)

    35. Don’t Sweat The Summer Slump (For Studios)

    36. Buyer Persona Templates (For Gyms)

    37. Buyer Persona Templates (For Studios)

    38. Mid-Year Business Review Worksheet 


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