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    How Do I Set Up My Email Campaign's Content?


    The Content page assists club staff in curating the content that they wish to display within their campaign’s emails. This allows clubs to further personalize their Prospect/Member outreach.

    To create a campaign’s content, first navigate to that campaign’s Content page.

    Next, utilize the page’s features to design the campaign’s content per the club’s desire.

    This page’s four features include:

    1. Include Logo in Header: Checking this filter will allow the club’s logo to appear within the email’s header.

    2. Exclude Default CSS Wrapper: Checking this filter will remove Club OS’ CSS wrapper from the email.

    3. Add Dynamic Content: By inserting these tags within the email’s body, each email will now automatically customize itself according to every individual Prospect/Member contained within the campaign’s audience. Through data drawn from each recipient’s Club OS account, an email can be engineered to instantly personalize over thirty instances of data ranging from a Prospect/Member’s first and last name to their club location’s phone number.


    1.  Text Field: Insert the email’s content here.

       Note: Images such as promotional ads, can be inserted within the body of an email by clicking the    
       highlighted icon below.

              When finished, click either the ‘Quick Save’ or ‘Save & Exit’ buttons located in the page’s top-right  

      • Quick Save: This button saves the page’s current specifications.

      • Save & Exit: This button saves the page’s current specifications and redirects users to the general Campaign page.
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