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    Building Email Campaigns: Pt. 2.2 - Blast Campaigns


    Blast Campaigns allow club staff to construct a solitary, personalized email that can then be sent to a wide, specified audience simultaneously. For this reason, Blast Campaigns can serve a variety of functions such as offering Expired Guests a limited-time discount on memberships or alerting every Member of a club’s holiday hours.

    How to Access the Blast Campaign

    To start a new Blast Campaign, select ‘Blast Campaign’ from within Club OS’ Marketing tab. Next, click the ‘Add Blast Campaign’ button (located in the the top-right corner of the page).

    How the Blast Campaign Works

    Blast Campaigns are composed in four stages: Setup, Recipients, Content, and Send. Read below to discover the major features of each stage.

    A. Setup

    The Setup page assists club staff in establishing the campaign’s basics such as when and how the email will be delivered to its audience.

    Such Setup features include:

    1. Name: The campaign’s title.

      Note: This is for the club’s records and will not be seen by the campaign’s recipients.

    2. Subject Line: The text that will appear within the email’s subject line as seen in the recipient’s inbox.

    3. Add Dynamic Content: This feature inserts a variety of dynamic tags such as ‘First Name’ or ‘Location Twitter’ within the email’s subject line that will automatically correlate per each individual email recipient.

    4. Campaign Type: The method through which the campaign’s email will be delivered.

      Note: Blast Campaigns can only be set for ‘Single Blast’ which means that the campaign’s emails will send only once, all at once.

    5. Sends: The date in which the email’s single blast is set to occur.

      Note: To set the campaign to send immediately, click the ‘Select Today’ link.

        6.  Send From: The party that is being publicly credited with having issued a campaign's emails. To
             discover how to set up or select a specific Send From party, 
    click here.

    B. Recipients

    The Recipients page allows club staff to specify the exact audience for which their campaign’s emails are intended. With every filter that an employee selects, that campaign earns an additional opportunity for personalization as it will be received by an increasingly niche audience.

    The Recipients page consists of two sections:

    1. Target Audience: Here, club staff can select which Prospect or Member status(es) they wish to send their campaign email to.

      Note: Click each corresponding links to discover how to filter a campaign to send to all Prospects, select Prospects, all Active Members, select Active Members, all Inactive Members, and select Inactive Members.

    2. Filters: These aid staff in further specifying the exact audience for which the campaign is intended. For a breakdown of Recipient’s filters, click here.

    C. Content

    The Content page assists club staff in curating the content that they wish to display within their campaign’s emails through dynamic tags and customizable text. This allows clubs to further personalize their Prospect/Member outreach.

    For steps on how to create a campaign email's content, click here

    D. Send

    The Send page is the final stage of the Blast Campaign building process. Here, club staff can test out the campaign’s email and observe the size of its expected recipient audience before officially launching the campaign.

    Accomplishing a campaign’s Send page stage takes five steps:

    Step 1: Observe the “Send Window”

    Look at the window’s Approximate Recipient Counter. This displays the estimated total of Prospects, Active Members, or Inactive Members who currently qualify to receive the campaign email. If this total matches the club’s expectations, proceed to Step 2. If this total is higher or lower than the club’s expectations, click here to discover potential causes of recipient discrepancy.

    Step 2: Send the Test Email

    Click ‘Send Test Email’. This button will issue an exact replica of the campaign email to any specified email account. Upon its arrival, open the test email to verify whether or not its appearance meets the club’s standards. If the email is satisfactory, proceed to Step 3. If it is not, return to the Content page to edit the email.

    Step 3: Preview Recipients

    Click ‘Preview Recipients’. This button will issue an emailed spreadsheet that lists each expected recipient to the email account that is currently attached to the user’s account. Checking this list will aid staff in verifying that their campaign’s filters are set as expected. For details on the contents of this recipient list, click here.

    Step 4: Make Active

    Click ‘Make Active’. This button will issue the campaign email to its curated recipients.

    Note: Unless set for an immediate release, a Blast Campaign will send at 8:15 a.m. (EST) on its scheduled send date. For steps on how to correct a campaign that won’t send, click here.

    Step 5: Check if Email Has Sent

    Confirm that the campaign’s email sent by navigating to the club’s Campaign History page (located within the Marketing tab). For steps on how to check if a campaign sent, click here



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