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    Building Email Campaigns: Pt. 1 - Campaign Status Menu


    There are four parts to building campaign emails. This article, Campaign Status Menu, is part one. For information on other parts of the process, click one of the links below: 


    Introduction: Email Campaigns

    Part 1: Campaign Status Menu <

    Part 2: Types of Email Campaigns:

    Part 3: Campaign History



    The Campaign Status Menu is used to store a club's current and past email campaigns. The menu is divided into four sections that are based on a campaign's status. The Campaign Status Menu is accessed through the 'Marketing' tab on the side navigation bar, then by selecting either 'Automatic Campaigns' or 'Blast Campaigns'.

    The status sections are as follows:


    1. Active Campaigns: All automatic campaigns currently in use by the club will be listed below with a small summary of the campaign details.



    1. Draft Campaigns: Automatic campaigns that were custom built by a location but never activated.



    1. Inactive Campaigns: Campaigns that were once active but have either met their original parameters and expired or were deactivated by the club admin.



    1. Template/Company Campaigns: An additional fourth submenu may be included depending on the club, which is populated with templates for campaigns created by the club's marketing team. These campaigns are pre-built and, typically, cover the most frequently used campaign types.



    Icon Key

    Additionally, there are four icons that may be featured on the far left of each campaign’s description, depending on which submenu it falls under.



    1. The Download icon enables users to download the campaign results from inactive campaigns.


    2. The Copy icon enables users to copy the campaign’s settings and details and create a duplicate campaign.


    3. The Edit icon enables users to edit the details of a campaign such as changing the date, email content, target audience, etc.


    4. The Delete icon enables users to delete a campaign.


    Pt. 2.1 Automatic Campaigns >

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