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    How Do Duplications Occur Within Club OS?

    When Club OS syncs a Prospect’s conversion to Member status, Club OS will match the billing provider’s incoming data to the Club OS account that possess an identical full name and contact info (either email or phone). If no identical account exists, a new account is created.

    Does the Billing Provider Check For Duplicates When Prospects Sync From Club OS?

    Each billing provider operates differently. However, the assumption is no.

    How Should Duplicates Be Handled Within Club OS?

    The appropriate method of a duplicate account’s removal depends on the statuses of each account involved.

    1. If It Is a Prospect and Member Account:

      Merge the two accounts.

    2. If They Are Both Member Accounts:

      It is likely that one of the duplicate Member accounts exists due to an employee’s manual conversion of an originally duplicated Prospect account. If, in fact, one of the Member accounts does not contain an attached agreement, delete that account.

    What Syncs to Club OS During a Location’s Initial Integration?

    1. All Active Members
    2. Employees
    3. Prospects

    Note: If a previously integrated club is re-integrating via a new billing provider, Club OS will perform a one-time sync of Prospects from Club OS to the new billing provider.

    Does Club OS Pull Inactive Members From Billing Systems?

    Due to the potential volume of a club’s Inactive Members, Club OS only syncs Active Members upon integration. After integration, if an Active Members becomes an Inactive Member, they will remain within Club OS.

    What Is the Correct Workflow for Updating Member Contact Info?

    Update a Member’s contact info within Club OS, only. A Member’s contact info is not exchanged between Club OS and billing providers.

    What Is the Correct Workflow for Adding Prospects?

    Add Prospects within Club OS, only.

    What Is the Correct Workflow for Adding Employees?

    Add employees within the club’s billing provider, only. For more info on how to add employees to Club OS, click here.

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