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    Intro to Integration Workflows


    What is Integration?

    Integration is the syncing of data between two systems: Club OS and the club’s billing provider. First, Club OS pushes a Prospect’s data through to the club’s integrated billing provider.  If the Prospect, then, opts to purchase a membership, the sale’s data will sync back to Club OS where the Prospect’s status and the Salesperson’s KPI can convert automatically. Note: Non-integrated clubs must convert these stats manually.

    Integration Sync Schedules

    Billing providers differ in terms of which features push data and how frequently. The three types of sync times include:

    1. Real Time Sync: Syncs specific data immediately after an event has occurred. (Ex. Member conversions)

    2. Partial Sync: Syncs all data acquired since the last Full Sync. This occurs at appointed times throughout the day, per the club’s request.

    3. Full Sync: Syncs all Active Member data. This occurs once a day.

    Billing Providers

    Listed below is every billing provider that is currently associated with Club OS. Click each link to discover which features a provider syncs and the frequency in which that data is pushed.

    1. ABC
    2. ASF
    3. Club Hub
    4. Club System
    5. Genesis
    6. Jonas Compete
    7. Jonas i4
    8. MBO
    9. MoSo
    10. Paramount
    11. ShapeNet

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click here for more FAQ's about Integration.

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