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    Frozen Agreements Report [Breakdown]



    The ‘Frozen Agreements Report’ details member service agreements with active freezes as well as those with pending freezes (scheduled future freezes). This provides clubs with a snapshot of potential revenue suspended due to current or future freeze periods. The report can be filtered by location and/or employee.

    The ‘Frozen Agreements Report’ is located within the ‘Reports’ tab. Click here, to learn more about accessing club reports.



    Note: If the report is filtered by employee then it will run against the agreement trainer.


    Report Tabs

    The report features two tabs, located in the bottom left corner. The ‘Currently Frozen’ tab populates the report with agreements with active freezes. The ‘Pending Freeze’ tab populates the report with agreements that have scheduled future freezes. Select either tab to view its content.



    Report Details                                              

    Columns generated in this report are as follows:


    • Location: The club location where the member service agreement was purchased.
    • Last Name: The last name of the purchasing member.
    • First Name: The first name of the purchasing member.
    • Email: The email address of the purchasing member (if recorded).
    • Phone: The phone number of the purchasing member (if recorded).
    • Freeze Start Date: The date the freeze began or will begin.
    • Freeze End Date: The date the agreement is scheduled to return to an active status.
    • Agreement Name: The name of the service agreement that was purchased.
    • Agreement Trainer: The trainer who is assigned to the service agreement.
    • Bill Cycle: The frequency by which invoices are generated for the service agreement.
    • Recurring Invoice Amount: The set amount paid per invoice.
    • Remaining Invoices: The total number of invoices remaining for the service agreement once the freeze has ended.

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