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    How Do I Edit a Staff Member's Role?



    Club OS enables club admins to increase or restrict a user’s access and abilities on the system by changing their ‘Role’ designation. Roles are a hierarchy of user classifications, which are determined by their level of access and ability to edit system features. Follow this workflow to edit a user’s role.

    Note: Click here for more info about roles, and their access and abilities.



    First, navigate to the desired staff member’s profile with the ‘User Search’.


    > User Search


    On the staff member’s profile, hover over the Account Settings Icon in the top right corner. Then, select the staff member’s ‘Account Settings’ tab from the drop-down menu.


    > User Settings


    On the Account Settings page, scroll down to the ‘Role’ section. Select the ‘Role’ drop-down menu.


    Then, select the desired role for the employee from the drop-down list.



    > Role Drop-Down Menu


    Finally, select ‘Save Role’ to retain the role change.


    > Save Role


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