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    How Do I Remove Follow-Ups? (Search Action)



    This article outlines the workflow necessary to perform the ‘Remove Follow-Up’ search action. This search action is used to remove excess or unwanted prospect or member follow-ups from a user’s Follow-Up Window. Depending on a user’s circumstance, these steps could change or involve additional filters.

    Global Impact

    This change is a permanent change that can not be undone. Removing the follow-ups will keep the prospects and members who the search action was applied to from ever showing up for a follow-up again, unless their status changes. If you do not wish for these prospects/members to be totally removed from the follow-up queue, you can consider rescheduling the follow-ups. The steps can be found [here]. They can be rescheduled after an accidental removal, but it only serves as a one-time override until their status changes.


    Begin on the ‘User Search’ page. In the ‘Role’ filter options, located directly under the user search bar, deselect all roles. This can be accomplished quickly by clicking ‘None’ from the ‘Select: All / None’ option.


    Click the small white box for the ‘Member’ or ‘Prospect’ to select either role, depending on which follow-ups the user would like deleted.



    If deleting prospect follow-ups, select the ‘Prospect’ sub-filter drop-down menu and select ‘All’. This ensures both active and inactive prospect profiles populate the search results.


    > None > Prospect > Select All


    If the user is responsible for multiple club locations, use the ‘Locations’ drop-down menu to narrow search results to the desired location. Or, leave the default setting of ‘All Locations’, which will populate search results with profiles from every location the user has been granted access.


    > Locations


    Scroll down to the ‘Time Range’ section, located at the bottom of the page.


    Select the ‘Date Type’ drop-down menu. Then, select ‘Created Date’. This narrows search results by the date the profile was originally created.


    Note: Alternatively, the ‘Follow-Up (M) Date’ or ‘Follow-Up (PT) Date’ can be selected. This will filter results by the date that a profile was first placed into either follow-up schedule.


    Below the ‘Select Date Type’ drop-down menu are the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ icon/fields. Click either calendar icon and a pop-up calendar window will automatically open. Select the desired dates from these windows to establish the timeframe of the search.

    Example: Choosing May 1st in the ‘Start Date’ and May 31st in the ‘End Date’ will populate the search results with every profile created during that month long timeframe.



    Note: If a user would like to remove every prospect or member follow-up for profiles created on or before a specific date, then only the ‘End Date’ is required. For example, selecting June 15th in the ‘End Date’ field while leaving the ‘Start Date’ empty will populate the search results with every corresponding profile created June 15th or earlier.

    Note: Depending on the circumstances of the follow-ups the user would like to remove, additional filters may be required. Click here to learn more about all filtering options.

    > Created Date > Select Calendar Icon


    Scroll to the top of the page. The search results will populate the right side of the page.  Directly next to the ‘Results’ title will be a number in parenthesis. This is the total number of profiles that match the search criteria.


    Select the ‘Search Actions’ drop-down menu, located directly below the ‘Results’ title.


    Select ‘Remove Follow-Up’ from the drop-down menu.


    > Search Actions > Remove Follow-Up


    The ‘Remove Follow-Up’ pop-up window will open and prompt the user to ‘Select the Follow-Up Types to Remove’. There are two follow-up options: ‘Membership’ or ‘PT’.


    Select the small white box next to either option, according to which type of follow-up the user would like to remove.


    Note: The ‘PT’ option will never be applied to prospects as they are only eligible to receive membership follow-ups.

    Select the ‘Go’ button to finalize the process.



    > Select Membership > Select Go


    Note: This process will remove prospect or member profiles from populating a user’s Follow-Up Window. However, it will not delete their profiles from the system. Users may manually search for the prospect or member profiles in the future and place them back into the follow-up schedule.


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