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    How to Add Lead Notes Through a Member Profile


    Method 1

    This method is especially well suited for logging information that is learned outside of a follow-up, such as during PT, checking in, or a passing conversation in the hallway.


    First, select ‘User Search’ in the Club OS sidebar.

    > User Search


    Enter the member’s name in the search bar, located on the left side of the page. Then, select the spyglass icon or hit ‘return’ on your keyboard.  


    Once you have located the correct profile from the search result, select the member’s name.



    Tip: Use the filter options, located below the search bar, to narrow search results.

    > Search Bar > Select Profile


    Hover over the ‘Prospecting’ tab, located in the sidebar, to activate the side menu. Then, select ‘General’.  

    > Prospecting > General


    Scroll to the bottom of the ‘General’ page to locate the ‘Lead Notes’ section. Enter notes into the textbox. Then, click the ‘Save Note’ button located under the text box.


    This note, along with any future notes, will be logged directly above the text box for later reference (as shown below). The date, time, and name of the inputting staff member are also saved.


    Scroll Down > Input Notes > Save Note


     Method 2 - How to Add Lead Notes Through the Follow-Up Window >


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