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    Troubleshooting a User's Forgotten Username/Password Issues


    Occasionally, as users attempt to retrieve their forgotten username/password, they will receive an error message telling them to contact their Club Admin to correct an issue with their account. Employees other than Club Admins can also correct user accounts if properly permitted.

    Error message issues are caused by either an absent username or inadequate email info located inside the user’s account. How the user received their error message will indicate the user’s issue. If the message arrived via email, then the issue is username-related. If, instead, it appeared through the Log In page, then the issue is email-based. Read below for steps on how to correct each scenario.


    A. Error Message Through Email

    Enter the user’s Account Settings -specifically, the ‘Security’ tab. At the top is the ‘Username’ field. Fill it with whichever name the user requests. Don’t forget to click ‘Save Username’.

    B. Error Message Through Log In Page

    In this instance, the user’s account is afflicted by one of three email-related issues:

    1. The User’s Account Has No Email Address On File

      Enter the user’s Account Settings -specificially, the ‘General’ tab. Within the Contact Information section is the ‘Email’ field. Fill it with whichever email address the user’s requests. Don’t forget to click ‘Save Contact Information’.

        2. The User’s Account Has Been Deleted

            Enter User Search and locate the user’s account. (Do not forget to click the ‘Include Deleted’ filter        
            located in in the lower-left corner of the page.)

            Once the user’s account has been made visible, click the Search Actions drop-down   
            menu and select ‘Delete/Undelete Users’. A pop-up window will appear. Specify
            ‘Undelete’ and click ‘Go’.

        3. The User’s Email Address is Being Shared By Multiple Accounts

            Note: An example of this would be couples who, together, share a single email  


            Consult the users who are currently sharing the single address. Ask them to decide
            which user will be keeping the existing address. Clear the address from the other
            account(s) and enter, instead, a unique email address that was set up by that  
            account’s user. Replacing email address can be done from within a user’s Account   
            Settings -specificially the ‘General’ tab.

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