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    New Release: 6/17/16 - Anytime Fitness


    New Release: 6/17/16


    • Member Services: Trainers’ names will now appear within the events window. (For more info on the Session Count Screen, click here.)
    • New permissions include:

      • Package Billing Feature Settings
        • Enable Cash/Check for Recurring Payment

      • Package Billing User Settings
        • Create Agreements
        • Cancel Agreements
        • Freeze/Un-Freeze Agreements
        • Refund Invoices
        • Comp Invoices
        • Write Off Invoices
        • Extend Member Service Expiration Dates

      • Package Agreement Feature Settings
        • Enable Memberships
        • Enable Marketing Bullets

      • For more info on permissions, click here.
    • Canceled Agreements Report: This report allows the listing of agreements that were canceled within a designated date range. It is filterable by trainer. (For a breakdown of the Canceled Agreements Report, click here.)


    • Package Sales Summary Report: This report has been greatly expanded to include eleven new columns. (For a breakdown of the Package Sales Summary Report, click here.)

    *Click here to access archived New Release notes.

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