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    Cancellation Report [Breakdown]


    The Canceled Agreements Report details the collection of agreements that were canceled within a designated date range. This enables staff to quickly see the data attached to each agreement such as how much time passed between purchasing and canceling, which staff were involved, etc.

    Note: Though the Canceled Agreements Report is filterable by employee, it is filterable by Trainer, only. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)


    • Location Name: The location of the club for which the cancellation occurred.

    • Cancel Date: The date in which the agreement’s cancellation went into effect.

    • Last Name: The last name of the Member whose agreement was canceled.

    • First Name: The first name of the Member whose agreement was canceled.
    • Email: The email address attributed to the Member’s account.

    • Purchased Date: The date in which the agreement was purchased.
    • Agreement Name: The name of the canceled agreement.
    • Member Services: The Member Service(s) attached to the Member’s canceled agreement.

      Note: An agreement may possess more than one Member Service. In this event, each Member Service will be listed within the same field and separated by a comma.

    • #Paid Invoices: The number of invoices paid toward the agreement prior to its cancellation.

    • Salesperson: The club employee credited with selling the Member their package.

    • Initial Trainer: The Trainer originally attributed to the agreement. 
    • Trainers Assigned: Displays each employee located within the Member’s list of Assigned Trainers. If multiple staff is involved, each Trainer’s name will be separated by a comma.

    • Active Agreement: Displays whether or not the Member possess another active agreement.
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