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    New Release: 7/22/16



    • User Search:

      • Search Actions:
        • Prospects and Members can now be deleted from view within User Search. (Their data, however, will remain.)
        • Deleted Prospects and Members can now be visibly restored with User Search.
        • For more info on how to Delete/Undelete users, click here.

    • Digital Guest Waiver:

      • A second set of Terms and Conditions regarding club-to-client contact through SMS/email is now available.

      • Prospects can now opt-out of receiving club SMS by clicking an added checkbox.

      • Prospects can now, also, opt-out of receiving club email by clicking its own additional checkbox.

      • For more info on DGW opt-outs, click here.


    • User Search:

      • PT Follow-Up: Members who have had their PT follow-up status removed due to having an inactive membership status will now be excluded from searches for Members with unassigned follow-up employees.

    • Digital Guest Waiver:

      • Club OS will now display a Prospect’s multiple DGW submissions.
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