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    New Release: 7/8/16



    • Permissions:
      • Five new permissions have been added:
        • Feature Level:
          • ’Club Services’
          • ’Facebook Lead Ad Integration’ (For more info, click here.)
        • User Level:
          • ’Assign Clients to Trainers at Any Location’
          • ’Club Services Access’
          • ’Bulk Remove Follow-Up’
          • ’Bulk Reschedule Follow-Ups’ (For more info, click here.)
      • Permissions can now extend to Prospects.
      • For more info on Permissions, click here.


    • Calendar: Staff can now view and edit events from inside the Member’s calendar.

    • Missed Guest: Prospects who leave an appointment without having purchased a membership or accepted a guest pass will now transition into Missed Guest status -regardless of whether a reason was supplied or not. (For more info on Missed Guests, click here.)
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