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    Package Setup: Taxes

    1. Intro to Package Setup
    2. Step 1: Member Services
    3. Step 2: Packages
    4. Step 3: Terms
    5. Step 4: Taxes
    6. Step 5: Member Service Commission
    7. Step 6: Sales Commission
    8. Step 7: Pay Period Admin

    Topic: To explain and explore the Taxes portion of Club OS’ Package Setup.

    Taxes are a way for a club to charge a final percentage on a product or service sold. After they are set up, taxes can be applied to Member Services…

    Member Services

    ...Fees, and Cancellation Fees.

    Fees and Cancellation Fees

    Not only does the Taxes page allow staff to see each tax already in existence, it allows for new ones to be built as well.

    Begin by clicking the Taxes tab of Package Setup.


    In instances where a single owner oversees several locations, Club OS allows its users to filter by location.


    To add a new tax to the list, click the ‘Add Tax’ link.


    This will take you to the ‘New Tax’ page, as seen below.


    1. Name: The name of the new tax. (Example: Sales Tax)
      Note: Club OS does not allow a club to edit a tax’s name after creating it.

    2. Tax Rate: The rate, in decimal form, at which the tax is charged against the service(s) sold.

    3. Effective Date: The date in which the tax will first take effect.

    Upon completion, if a tax is ready to be implemented, click ‘Save’.


    The tax will post onto the Taxes homepage.


    Step 5: Member Services Commission >

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