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    How Does the Help Button Work?


    The Help button is a multi-faceted tool that grants its users access to two key Club OS components:

    1. A help article database
    2. A support email service

    Due to its importance, the Help button can be found in the lower left-hand corner of each screen inside Club OS’ system.


    The Help button can also be seen in the lower corner of Club OS’ login page. Here, it is fully accessible to users before they have even had the chance to enter their account.

    Provided below are the steps to utilizing the Help button’s features.

    A. Accessing the Knowledge Base


    Click the search bar and enter any keywords relevant to your search.


    When satisfied, click your keyboard’s ‘Enter/Return’ key.

    Help Window > ‘Enter/Return’


    Club OS’ three most relevant articles will now appear. Search their titles to see if the needed information is present.

          A) If Present: Click that article’s link to open it.


          B) If Not Present: Try typing additional or alternative keywords. If there is still no success,
              click here for instructions on accessing Club OS’ support staff for answers.

    > Article’s Link


    Upon clicking the appropriate article’s link, that article will now appear within the same Help window.


    Though small, a user is able to observe the entire article as it appears within Club OS’ Knowledge Base. Users are also able to access the original, screen-sized article by scrolling to the bottom of the Help window and clicking ‘View original article’.

    > ‘View Original Article’


    B. Accessing the Support Staff


    > ’Leave Us a Message’

    If a specific article does not yet exist, or if any questions remain, Club OS’ support staff can be contacted directly from 8am - 5pm CST (Monday through Friday) with limited availability on Saturday and Sunday. To contact Club OS, begin by clicking ‘Leave us a message’. Click this to compose an email that Club OS’ support staff will see at the start of the next business day. Be sure to include details when contextualizing the question.. (Note: This button will only appear once a keyword has been entered and searched.)



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