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    How Permissions Work Within Club OS


    What Are Permissions?

    Previously, the scope of what a club’s staff could achieve was largely limited by rigid defaults. As a result, each location, role, and employee were governed under the same settings as if every case was alike.

    Today, the capabilities of every location, role, and employee can be tailored to fit a club’s unique needs and strengths. (Note: If the Admin prefers, however, entire levels can still receive a mass default.) All of this is accomplished by allowing, denying, or deferring a variety of permissions across four increasingly intimate levels: club-wide, location, role, and individual.

    Basic Permission Logic

    1. Allow: Allowing a permission grants access to that task for that level.
    2. Deny: Denying a permission withholds that task from both current and subsequent levels.
    3. Defer: Deferring a permission avoids the decision of whether or not to allow or deny that task for that level. This option is only available to lower levels if its previous levels allowed or deferred that permission, as well. By deferring, a level inherits an allowed permission from a previous level.

    Editing an Individual’s Account

    Due to their significance, permissions for the top three levels are administered by Club OS staff in accordance with the club’s specifications. Depending on which defaults each role is granted, however, an individual’s permissions can be edited by club staff, themselves.

    Editing an individual’s permissions is done through their Account Settings. To get to the permission settings, navigate to an individuals account and select the User Settings gear in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


    Once there, click the ‘Permissions’ tab located in the Account Settings tabs at the top of the page.



    From here, the Permission page will appear. Listed is the entirety of this individual’s still-available permissions. If any permission was previously denied at an earlier stage, that task will not appear here.



    To the right is every permission’s opportunity to Allow, Deny, or Defer.

    Note: To defer, at this level, is to refer back to the prior level’s outcome.

    • If the role-level allowed a permission, then that task is now also allowed at the individual level.
    • If the role-level deferred a permission, then that task is denied at the individual level as it has failed to receive any hard approval. (Note: To reverse this, switch the outcome to ‘Allow’ at the individual level.)


    Once the editing process is complete, do not forget to click the ‘Save Permissions’ button.


    Note: To request changes to either a club/location/role’s permission settings, or adjust which individuals a role has the right to edit (‘self’ or ‘others’), please feel free to contact Club OS at or by calling (888) 619-0609.


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