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    Why Has My Next Follow-Up Disappeared?


    On occasion, it may appear as if a follow-up has failed to schedule itself in its employee’s calendar. In reality, based on system logic, it is possible the event re-scheduled or voided altogether.

    Provided below are three solutions as to where the follow-up has gone to and why.

    A. The Follow-Up Schedule

    First, look to the Follow-Up Schedule to confirm that the Prospect/Member’s status actually sets them up for follow-up on the expected date. As both the Membership and PT Follow-Up Schedules account for a multitude of statuses (each with their own, potential scheduling), it is possible to confuse ‘which’ status follow-up ‘when’.

    If that expectation proves supported, proceed to the next two possibilities.

    B. The Employee’s Schedule

    Make sure that the employee assigned for following-up is scheduled to work on that date. For every day in which an employee is not on the schedule, Club OS will automatically freeze all follow-ups due in their absence. This way, an employee is not made to return to work facing a list of overdue follow-ups.

    Example: Joe is not scheduled to work Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. On Friday, a Prospect fills out a Digital Guest Waiver for a club with a follow-up response of ‘0 Days’ (so, same business day). As Joe will not be at work until Monday and is not physically present to perform the follow-up, Joe’s Follow-Up Schedule becomes adjusted. The new Prospect will be followed-up with on Monday.

    C. ‘Not Interested’

    It is entirely possible that the Member/Prospect has declared themselves ‘Not Interested’ and has requested that they be removed from the Follow-Up Schedule. To verify whether this is the case, access their account and click ‘Prospecting’.

    Both the Member and PT Follow-Up sections display its Member/Prospect’s current status. If a Prospect/Member has declared themselves ‘Not Interested’, it is displayed here.

    A Member/Prospect can not be readministered into the Follow-Up Schedule without renewing their request. (Note the ‘Make Interested’ and ‘Make Not Interested’ buttons above.) However, though a Member might remove themselves from one Follow-Up Schedule, they might still decide to reside in the other. (Example: A Member electing to only remain in the PT Follow-Up track.)

    Note: ‘Not Interested’ is not the same as ‘Opting Out’. While, true, removal from Follow-Up will eliminate a club’s SMS/texting capability, that club is still free to call or email.


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