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    Trainer Liability Report: How Dollar Values are Configured


    Within the Trainer Liability Report, the way that a session’s value is configured relies on whether or not an agreement originated in Bodyworkz.

        A. If the Agreement Originated in Bodyworkz: In this case, a session’s value is  
            equal to its default Member Service price. (
    Note: Coincidentally, the default will  
            always be which price the Member paid.)

        B. If the Agreement Did Not Originate in Bodyworkz: Here, the logic splits  
            even further into ‘events calculated by inventory’ and ‘events calculated by  
            calendar events’.

                i) Calculated by Inventory: Value derives from the price at which the member
                   service was sold. (Example: Sessions Expired, Paid Sessions Not Used)

               ii) Calculated by Calendar Events: Value derives from the default member    
    price. (Example: Sessions Not Paid, Sessions Paid)

                   Note: In the event that a service has a price range, the Trainer Liability  
                   Report will
     only be able to use the default price of that service. Not the price  
                   actually paid.

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