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    How to Access the Commission Report


    There are two ways to access the Commission Report -each of them unique in how they offer to select a timeframe. These routes can be found through Reports and Package Setup, respectively.

    A. Reports

    This route is useful when wanting to observe payroll data over a chosen amount of time. For this effect, first click ‘Reports’ and find the report listed under ‘PT/Group Fitness’.


    Upon clicking ‘Commission Report’, a pop-up window will appear -asking to specify a date range and club location.


    Through Reports, the date ranges offered are Month-to-Date, Past 30 Days, Last Month, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, One Week Ahead, and Custom Date Range. After designating a date range and club location, click ‘Email Now’ to receive the report.

    (Note: A tiered commission system is time-sensitive. If a selected date range begins or ends in the middle of a pay period, then a tiered commission may not calculate or represent itself correctly.)

    Package Setup

    This route is useful when wishing to inspect a specific invoice(s). For this effect, first click ‘Club Setup’, then ‘Package Setup’.

    Once there, click the ‘Pay Period Admin’ tab.


    Upon the completion of each pay period, a corresponding Commission Report will automatically appear. For immediate access, simply locate the desired date and click.


    (Note: If payroll set-up is ever altered for historical dates, these payroll reports will disappear from this list as they would now be inaccurate.)

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