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    Follow-Up Audit Report [Breakdown]


    Follow-Up Audit

    Run an audit report on any or all employees to see what sales actions are being recorded for prospect follow-up calls, and the results from these actions. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)



    An example of a follow-up audit can be seen below:

    Columns generated in this report contain:

    1. Employee - this column will only be available if running an audit for more than one employee.
    2. Prospect - the clients name that the employee called.
    3. Phone - the prospect's phone number.
    4. Email - the prospect's email.
    5. Status - the status of the prospect. Lead (have not been to the club), Active Guest (on current guest pass), Expired Guest (guest pass has expired, and Missed Guest was set).
    6. Action # - the attempt number for this follow up. 
    7. Action Date - the date of the action #.
    8. Outcome - the recorded outcome of the action.
    9. Tour Date - the follow-up action resulted in a tour being booked, this is the tour date that is on the Sales employee's schedule.
    10. Tour Status - status of tour booked.
    11. Override Date - if an override date was selected for the next follow-up, this is that date.
    12. Notes - these are any notes made regarding this follow-up.
    13. Message - if email or text messages have been sent, they will appear here.
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