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    Trainer Inventory Report [Breakdown]


    Trainer Inventory Report

    Want to know how how many Clients assigned to a Trainer own sessions or packages, what they are buying, and if they are utilizing it?  Run this report. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)

    An example of the Trainer Inventory Report is seen in the image below:

    Columns generated in this report are organized by Trainer.  Under each Trainer, one can view the Trainer's:

    1. Location - location of Trainer.  Important for reports run on multiple clubs.
    2. PT Client - this is the Client's name that own training sessions with a Trainer.
    3. Package - training packages go by different names.  This is the specified package a Client has purchased.
    4. Unit Price - how much the session was sold for.
    5. Rate - this is the pay rate paid to the Trainer for the session when completed.  It is setup in the Payroll section of an employee's account by a Club Admin.
    6. Sale Date - date package was sold.
    7. Exp. Date - date package expires.
    8. Qty Purchased - how many training sessions paid for in package.
    9. Qty Available - this is how many sessions a Client has paid for that can be used towards future sessions.
    10. Qty Complete - this is how many sessions have been marked 'complete' on a Trainer's schedule with the Client. 
    11. Qty Expired - this is how many training sessions went expired unused.  This is a waste of money for Client and Trainer, and indicates apathy in the relationship.
    12. Last Session - this is the time stamp of the last training session scheduled for a Client.
    13. Next Session -   this is the time and date of any future training session event scheduled with a Client.
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