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    Client Scorecard Report [Breakdown]


    Client Scorecard Report

    This report tells you in detail about how well Clients are doing by logging in, using the software to schedule events, update measurements, log food, etc., all of which are good indicators of Client success. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)

    Note: This report will display only the clients who accessed their account within the report's designated date range. It will not display every client automatically.



    An example of the Client Scorecard Report can be seen below: 




    Columns generated in this report are:

    1. Name - this is the name of the Client member.
    2. Location - this is the club location the Client member belongs to.
    3. Trainers - this is the Trainer a Client is assigned to.
    4. Membership Type - this is the membership type a Client is signed up as.
    5. Last Visit Type - this it the last visit type scheduled with a Client.
    6. Last Visit Date - this it the last visit date scheduled with a Client.
    7. Next Visit Type - this is the next visit type for a Client if one is scheduled.
    8. Next Visit Date - this is the date of the next visit type if scheduled.
    9. Last Login - this is the last login date of a Client to their profile.
    10. Last Viewed Date - this is the last date anyone viewed this Client's profile.
    11. Last Viewed By - this is who last viewed a Client's profile.
    12. Last WO - this is the date and time of the last logged workout in a Client's profile.
    13. WO Name - this is the name of the last workout logged.
    14. Last Meas - this is the last message sent to a Client.
    15. Last Meas By - this is who sent the last message to a Client.
    16. Workout Grade - this is the current workout grade a Client has.
    17. Nutrition Grade - this is the current nutrition grade of a Client.
    18. Current Weight - this is the current weight logged into the Clients measurement history.
    19. Weight Change - this is the change of weight from current to first logged weight.
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