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    Member Check-Ins by Trainer Report [Breakdown]


    Member Check-Ins by Trainer

    Want to know which Trainer has the hardest working Clients? Clients of Trainers who check-in often show good results, which goes a long way for the Trainer and club! (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)


    An example of a Member Check-in by Trainer Report can be seen below: 


    Columns generated in this report contain:

    1. Name - this is the Trainer's name.
    2. Location - this is the Trainer's location if more than one club.
    3. Check-Ins - this is the total number of check-ins for all Trainers' clients.
    4. Clients - this is the total number of Clients a Trainer has assigned to them.
    5. Check-Ins/Clients - This is the average number of Client check-ins per Trainer.


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