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    Leads Not Contacted Report [Breakdown]


    Leads Not Contacted Report

    This report will display the details of every Prospect who, either, possesses a 'Missed Guest' status or remains at Step #1 in the Membership Follow-Up Schedule. Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.

    Note: This report does not include Prospects who have yet to be assigned to a follow-up employee or who currently lack a scheduled follow-up.



    An example of the Leads Not Contacted Report can be seen below:


    Columns generated in this report contain:

    1. Location - location of club
    2. Employee - Employee who owns the follow-up
    3. Lead - Follow-up name
    4. Status - Status of follow-up.  Can be "Lead" (which is Membership Follow-Up #1) or "Missed Guest"
    5. Email - Email of Follow-up person
    6. Mobile - Mobile phone number of lead
    7. Home - Home phone number of lead
    8. Work - Work phone number of lead
    9. CreatedDate - Date lead was created in Club OS
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