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    I Forgot MyiClub Username


    To retrieve your username

    1. If necessary, click the username link under the sign in box.

    1. Type your email address.
    2. Transcribe the information in the box. This box considers uppercase letters to be different from lowercase ones. Include any punctuation or spaces displayed in the box.
    • If you can not read the information in the box, click the refresh button to get a new code to transcribe.
    • If you can not see the information in the box, click the audio button to play a code to transcribe.
    1. Click Submit.
    2. Check your email account for a message informing you of your username.
    3. Click the Sign In link to return to the sign in page and use the username.


    For further reading in regards to MyiClub, CLICK HERE to access their help portal. 

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