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    How Do I Clear My Cache? [iPad]


    There are times when a change may have been made to the information on your Digital Guest Waiver or perhaps something isn't displaying/functioning quite properly.

    Whatever the reason may be, an important tool to have in your belt is knowing how to clear the cache (stored website display data) of your mobile browser.

    As Google Chrome is always the recommended browser when using Club OS it will be listed first. If you are looking for instructions on how to do so in Safari, click here.

    Google Chrome

    1. Tap the three vertical dots that are visible in the top right of your browser.

    2. Select "Settings"

    3. From the resulting "Settings" overlay, tap "Privacy"



    4. From the Privacy menu, select "Clear Cache"


    5. Select "Clear" and you're done! Just refresh the browser and everything should be working properly!







    1. Enter the Settings App and choose "Safari" from the left menu

    2. On the right pane, select "Clear Cookies and Data"

    3. From the resulting pop-up, click 'Clear' and you're done! Open up Safari and refresh your page. Everything should function correctly!


    If, after reading this, you feel that you may benefit from a cache clear in your computer's browser; Click Here for instructions on how to do so!


    If you have any further questions, or find that this did not resolve the issue you are experiencing, please feel free to send an email to and a member of our Customer Success Team will respond in a timely matter.


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