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    Sales Rep Production Report [Breakdown]


    Sales Rep Production Report

    See what kind of sales opportunities are coming to the club, and how the outcomes of those opportunities. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)



    An example of a Sales Rep Production Report can be seen below:




    If your report shows red highlighted rows, this denotes the Guest Waiver is not being used by that employee. Guest Waivers not being signed usually leads to a 100% walk-in close rate, because we put all agreements not on a schedule as a walk-in sold. Red implies you should speak with employee about using DGW every time!

    Note: When you select "Group Locations" upon running a report, employee names will be replaced by locations.  Meaning the total of all employees at the location will show in each row.


    Columns generated in this report contain:

    1. Name - this is the name of the Sales employee.
    2. Location - this is the location where the employee works (if more than one club).
    3. Total Traffic - this is the total of walk-ins and SHOWED appointments
    4. WI - this is the number of walk-ins assigned to a Sales employee.
    5. WIClosed - this is the number of prospects that become Client members from those that were counted as walk-ins.
    6. WI Close % - this is the % of walk-ins that result in close.
    7. Appts 
    8. Booked - this is the number of scheduled appointments on an employees schedule.
    9. BB - Be-Backs or those who have signed DGW before, and have an assigned Salesperson
    10. BB Closed - BB's that resulted in an Prospect conversion to Client account via a recognized membership unit sold.
    11. BB Close % - % of BB's that close based on all BB's entered.
    12. ApptsShow - this is the number of appointments that actually showed up on an employee's schedule.
    13. ApptsClosed - this is the number of tours that resulted in memberships on an employee's schedule.
    14. Appts Closed % - this is the % of appointments booked that results in a close
    15. Guest Wiaver - this is number of leads that employee had sign DGW under their name.
    16. Guest Waiver % -  this is the % of leads that employee had sign DGW under their name.
    17. TotMemSold - this is the number of total memberships sold by an employee.
    18. PremMemSold - this is the number of premium memberships sold by an employee.
    19. FollowUps - this is the number of follow-ups an employee has assigned to them.
    20. Preferred Guests - number of preferred guests this employee has collected.


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