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    PT Inventory Snapshot [Breakdown]


    PT Inventory Snapshot

    Run this report to see how many Trainers have Clients with sessions.  This report tells you how much value a Trainer is bringing to the club - and to themselves!  It also tells you how much value the Trainer and Client have lost in Training due to expiration dates. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)



    An example of the PT Inventory Snapshot can be seen below:


    Columns generated in this report are:

    1. Employee - this is the Trainer's name.
    2. Location - this is the club location if more than one club is selectable.
    3. PT Clients - this is the number of Clients a Trainer has assigned to them.
    4. Unused Sessions -  this is the number training sessions paid for, but unused.
    5. Unused Value - this is the $ value of the unused sessions.
    6. Expired Sessions - this is the number of training sessions that are now expired.
    7. Expired Value - this is the value of all of a Client's expired sessions.
    8. Re-Sign Opps - if Client has less than four paid for sessions left, the Client is now a 're-sign' opportunity.  This is the number of opportunities left for a Trainer to sell the Client more sessions.
    9. Sessions Unfunded - this is the number of sessions on a Trainer's schedule that do not have funding behind them.  This is a bad sign, because it means Trainers are essentially working for free, and giving away free sessions!
    10. Sessions No PIN -  this is the number of sessions on a Trainer's schedule that have not been validated.


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