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    Roles and Their Meanings


    Club OS offers many options when delegating roles to your employees. Each of the following titles are able to be assigned and come with their own set of restrictions. The following are listed in order from least to most restricted.

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    Note: The feature access indicated for each Role below is the default functionality. The ability for certain Roles to access specific features (or to restrict Roles from accessing certain features) is managed via the Permissions section. For more information on Permissions, see here: How Permissions Work

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    Club Admin • Restricted Club Admin • Location Manager • Sales Person • Front Desk • Trainer  

    Available Search Actions

    Each of these account types are equipped with different search action permissions. Click Here to view each account's search action capabilities.


    Club Admin

    By the very nature of this Account Type, an Unrestricted Club Administrator will have have full access to Club OS and it's features.

    As Club Admin one can view and edit all Members, Prospects, and Employee types.

    Club Administrators have full access to all areas of Marketing, Follow-Ups, Club Settings, Calendars, and more.


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    Club Admin (R)estricted

    A Restricted Club Administrator will have nearly identical access levels as that of an Unrestricted Club Admin. 

     The differences have been cited below:

    • When viewing calendar, Restricted Admins can only see their assigned location(s)
    • Restricted Admins do not have access to "My Club > Notifications"
    • Restricted Admins Cannot Edit Follow-Up Scripts "My Club > Follow-Ups*                        
      • Can only view scripts for assigned location(s)
    • Restricted Admins Cannot access My Club > General
    • Restricted Admins Can only edit settings regarding their assigned Location(s) (My Club > Locations)
    • Restricted Admins Cannot view System Emails (under Marketing)


    *There are unique situations where this information may differ


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    Location Manager 

    Location Managers are able to search for all Account Types, however they cannot view details of other Location Managers or Club Admins. In addition to viewing, Location Managers have access to view and edit all Trainers, Front Desk Employees, Leads, and Members. Location Managers cannot view or edit Club Emails.

    Location Managers, by default, have access to accessing and running Reports, viewing and editing Past Events, and editing Event Types.

    If you, as a Club Admin, would like to create or promote an employee to Location Manager but aren't comfortable with the default access level, please send an email to specifying which access you would like to have revoked. These settings can be updated only by our Support Staff and will act on a Club-wide basis.


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    This account type is capable of viewing a list of all other Salespersons, Front Desk Workers, Members, and Prospects. They cannot, however, actually view the details of these accounts. As a Salesperson, your employee will only be able to view the details of Members and/or Prospects that are assigned to them specifically.


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    Front Desk 

    A Front Desk employee has the ability to view Salespersons, other Front Desk Workers, Trainers, Members, and Prospects. Front Desk is unique in that this is the only Account Type below Location Manager that has the ability to view the accounts and details of all Members and Prospects. This allows for your Front Desk employees to add notes regarding pertinent information to the accounts of your Members without having to have permission granted. This account cannot be shown on the Digital Guest Waiver.


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    As a trainer you can view a list of all Trainers, Members, and Prospects -- but much like a Salesperson, Trainers can only view the details of Member and/or Prospects which have been assigned to them by a Location Manager or above.

    Trainers have full access to their Dashboard which includes a Schedule overview, Messages widget, and most importantly, the ability to perform Follow-Ups directly from one convenient location within Club OS. This account cannot be shown on the Digital Guest Waiver. 

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    The explanations above are very important to keep in mind when adding new members to your Club OS

    If you feel that this did not accurately answer your questions or only raised more, please do not hesitate to send us an email to and one of our representatives will happily assist you!

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