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    How Do I Add Employees to Club OS? (Non-Integrated Clubs)


    Adding an employee to your club is quick, easy, and intuitive in Club OS!


    In the case that your club is not integrated with a billing provider such as ABC Financial or Mind Body Online, you can begin by clicking the 'Add' button which is located at the far right of the 'Search Users' search bar.

    Next, choose 'User' from the resulting drop down.


    From this screen, first select the Account Type that you would like the new employee to have. It is important to keep in mind that, as Club Admin, you can add any type of account. Location Managers and below, however, are restricted in the types of Accounts that they are able to add.

    Technically only the First and Last name fields are required, but we find that it is best practice to provide at least one form of Contact Information as well as to set a Username and Password.

    Once you have this form filled out to your liking, simply scroll to the bottom and click



    If you find yourself with any further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Our Customer Success Staff!


    For integrated clubs, click here to discover how to add new employees to Club OS. 

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