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    Registering for MyiClub


    You must use the registration process to create a username and password for this site.

    In order to register, you need the following information:

    • A health club membership
    • The agreement number associated with your membership

    If you joined online, you should have received a copy of your membership agreement by email.

    • Your email address

    Email Blacklist: When registering, please contact your club if you receive notification that your email address is on the email blacklist.

    Click Register to start the registration process.

    Type your Agreement Information

    To type your agreement information

    1. Type your Agreement Number.

    If you do not know your agreement number:

    • Click Retrieve Agreement Number.
    • Type your email address.
    • Type the words that appear in the CAPTCHA box. If you cannot read these words, you may click the refresh button  to view new words.
    • Click Submit. Your agreement number will be emailed to you.
    1. Type your First Name.
    2. Type your Last Name.
    3. Type your Zip Code or Postal Code.
    4. Click Continue.
    5. If you have more than one member included in your agreement, there is an additional step of listing your barcode number.
    • Follow the instructions on the page for identifying your bar code.
    • Type your barcode number.
    • Click Continue.

    Select your Username and Password

    To select your username and password

    1. Type your email address.
    2. Type your email address a second time.
    3. Type your username.
    • The page shows you in a box to the right if the name is available.
    • If the site shows Too short or Unavailable, try using a different username.
    1. Type your password.
    • Your password must be at least seven (7) characters long.
    • Your old and new passwords may not be the same.
    • The page shows you in a box to the right if your password is , , , or .
    • Your password must be at least Good or Strong. If the site tells you the password is Too short or Weak, try using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.
    1. Type your password a second time.

    Your password must match both times you type it.

    1. Click Register.
    2. Click Sign In.

    You are now ready to sign in.

    For further reading in regards to MyiClub, CLICK HERE to access their help portal. 

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