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    Follow-ups Just Got Better!



    Club OS now offers the most precise follow-Up workflows

    that the fitness industry has ever seen!

    Listening to your feedback, we have taken various steps to improve our product. Follow-up status types is just one of the things you have helped change within Club OS.

    New Statuses:

    Member - Pending Cancel

    Member - Freeze

    Inactive Member - Expired

    Inactive Member - Canceled

    Inactive Member - Collections 

    If your Club OS billing integration provides the necessary data, statuses will be automatically applied based on what was flagged by the billing system. Non-integrated customers are able to manually assign this status under Club Settings.

    How do you activate these statuses?

    It's easy! Send us your follow-up schedule for the new statuses so they can start to populate in the follow-up agenda. Email your schedule to today!


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