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    Get Organized with Our New Scheme and Script Setup


    On August 7th, unrestricted Club Admins can view the follow-up scheme and add scripts for each status at My Club > Follow-up. The follow-up scheme is now color-coded. A green box means both a script and follow-up are saved. A red box is a quick indicator of a scheduled follow-up without a script.

    Best practice: always include a script with every scheduled follow-up. This will make follow-ups quick and painless. 

    Scripts can be easily created by selecting Script (+) under the red box. You can determine what type of contact method you prefer. For example, if I want the fourth contact of a preferred guest to be a call, I would enter a call script. The tabs on top of the script window let you choose from call, email, or text. 


    You can edit an existing script by selecting the contact method (call, email, text) below the green box. This will open the script editor. You can also change the contact method by moving your script to the appropriate contact tab. 

    If you wish to have multiple contact method scripts, you can do that too! Add a script to each method and the scheme will show each type of script entered. 

    Stay organized and green with your follow-ups! To learn how the new follow-up pop-up works, please read the article. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Team ( 



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