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    Less Clicks to Follow-up


    On Friday, August 7th, Club OS will be releasing a new follow-up popup. This new window will not only save time while performing follow-ups, but also give the ability to customize scripting even further! 

    • The contact navigation can be found on the left side of the popup window. "Home" is where you can find general and contact information. You are able to edit contact info here.

    • When selecting "Call", the script will show on the top of the note box. Select the Outcome from the drop down as normal. 

    • "Email" has all of the same functions. You can tailor your message with our editing tool bar.

    •  Select "Text" to send a message that will be seen right away. 

    • "Other" has replaced "Not Contacted". This is where you can find the drop down for Not Interested (Archive), Not Interested (Delete), Transfer, and Override. 

     What do you think of the new update? Let us know in the comments below!

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