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    Follow Up Basics


    Here you are going to see some Follow-Up Basics for Club-OS.

    You can access the Follow-Up section from your Dashboard.

    Using the dropdown menus, you can choose which Follow-Ups to view and how to filter them out (see screenshot 1).



    By clicking on the Follow-Up button, you can contact Leads and Members with a phone call, email, or text. By entering each form of contact into the system, those options will appear for you in the contact form. For example, if you have not entered in the contacts' mobile phone number, the text option will not appear (see screenshot 2).


    NOTE- if you want to correspond through the Follow-Up system, it is important you click on the Follow-Up button to do so. Contacting Leads and Members outside the Follow-Up system will not save any Follow-Up history or notes.



    Next, if you click on the Lead or Member name from the Follow-Up section, it will take you to the Prospecting Page (see screenshot 3). Under the General section, you can enter a variety of different information. Under the General section is also where you can check to see if a Liability Waiver has been signed or if a Guest pass was provided. Through this General section is where you can add Referrals.



    Next, if you click on the Follow-Up button on the left hand corner (see screenshot 4). This will show you a variety of important information regarding the Follow-Up. Here is where you can set an Override Action and Override Date.



    Next, if you click on the Guest Courtesy Card button, you can enter a variety of information about the Member or Lead including fitness goals and eating habits (see screenshot 5).



    Next, if you click on the Contact History button, you can see the Member or Leads Club Visits, Email Campaigns and Follow-Up history. (see screenshot 6). Being able to view the Follow-Up history here is why it is important to contact Follow-Ups using the Follow-Up button as mentioned in the NOTE earlier.



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