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    How Do I Sync My Phone to the Club OS Schedule/Calendar?


    Club OS makes it easy to bring the events from your Club OS calendar to your mobile phone, giving you immediate, 24/7 access to your schedule from a familiar interface.  Here’s how to make it happen:

    1. Select ‘Calendar’ and then select ‘Calendar’.
    2. Beneath the page’s header at the top left, ensure the ‘Viewing’ drop-down is set to ‘My Schedule’.

    3. On the top right-hand side, beneath the ‘Add Event’ button, click Import ‘Your Schedule’.

    4. Copy the unique URL displayed at the top of the window.

    5. Click one of the links below to follow the instructions specific to your device.

    If you have any trouble with this process, please feel free to contact us by emailing!


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