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    Be a Goal Setter!


    Best Practice: Set a calendar reminder for yourself to update goals for your team each month! 

    Goals that are visibly seen on dashboards boosts productivity. How? It displays progress front and center. Constant feedback has been shown to improve productivity. 

    Goal Setting

    Club Admins are able to update club goals by selecting My Club >> Dashboard Goals. Sales goals will be apply to "My Dashboard" for all membership sales.  Fitness Goals will be applied to "My Dashboard" for all fitness sales.  Location Goals will apply to "Club Dashboard" and will reflect the location numbers as a whole.

    You can set individual employee goals that are reflected on the dashboard by viewing the employee's profile. Once you are viewing the employee's profile, navigate to the User Settings widget, then the Dashboard Goals section. This is where you are able to set goals. Enter the goals, and save at the bottom.


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