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    Email Campaign Send Report [Breakdown]


    Email Campaign Send Report

    Run this report to see which email campaigns went out for the period of time you selected, and if they were opened, any links were clicked, or if anyone unsubscribed. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.) 


    Below is an example of this report: 


    As in the example above, columns generated in this report contain:

      1. Campaign - The name and subject of the Campaign.  Example "Expired Trial Email 1", or "New Lead Email 2".
      2. Recipient Type - Follow-Up status of email recipients. 
      3. Sent - Number of total emails sent for that campaign.
      4. Opened - This is the total number of emails in the campaign that were actually opened vs. discarded.  
      5. Clicked - If the email campaign had a link to another site, and they clicked the link we count it here. Now you know they are reacting and taking action!
      6. Unsubscribed - For all campaigns, we offer an "unsubscribe" link. This is the total number of recipients who unsubscribed to receiving future marketing material, because of this email campaign. If they ever want or need to be re-activated, you can go to Account Settings for the member/prospect and opt them back in.



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