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    Personal Trainer Tips & Tricks - Client Compliance


    Client Compliance

    Getting a new client on board can be a struggle when you are trying to instill healthy habits. Tracking is essential in keeping your client motivated to ensure they see results! And, of course, a happy client leads to an increase in your client retention. 

    Make it a Habit

    Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Club OS has the tools to which allows your clients to follow your guidance by logging workouts and nutrition. Workouts can be logged 2 ways. Workouts may be logged as they are performed, or after the fact at home. The majority of clients like to have Club OS open while they work out so they do not need to log it later. People forget things, so this is usually the best option. Food logs are extremely important when starting your fitness journey.

    Logging food is a proven method to promote weight loss. This simple task allows you to understand eating habits and target problem areas. This is usually eye opening experience for a client because it really reveals what they are putting in their body. It is important to encourage the client to be honest with themselves because you are there to help!




    How can I encourage my client to log more foods throughout the day?

    Most people these days work desk jobs. Does that sound like your clientele? If so, they have access to a computer. Have your client have one browser tab open with the Club OS Food Journal. A lot of snacking and meals are done in front of a computer with a desk job. This is a great way for them to get in the habit of logging foods throughout the day. Some is better than none. Even if food is only logged at work, you still get an indicator of how they are eating the majority of the day. There is even a note section for each day where the client will be able to tell you how they felt. 

    *Don't forget to log fluids! If you are working on staying hydrated, create a goal for your client to log X glasses of water a day. 

    Take before pictures immediately in Club OS. 

    A photo is worth 1000 words. Is your client not seeing the number of the scale budge? Reel them back in with their before photo and their measurements. Compare this with a nice graph of their measurements (My Progress>Measurements) for the ultimate presentation of progress. 

    *Always upload the before photo in Club OS with every initial assessment. 

    Hold a motivational contest.

    Do you have a Biggest Loser contest? Have one of the requirements to log all workouts, nutrition, and measurements in Club OS. It doesn't have to be a Biggest Loser contest. Another idea, for all new clients this month can win a (insert incentive here) for the best fitness logs (workouts, nutrition, and measurements). These are just suggestions, but clients will feel even more motivated. Best of all, we have reporting available to help you determine the winner. 

    Save time by creating custom templates of your programs.

    Do you have plans created for each type of fitness goal? If not, you should. If you do, turn that plan into a digital plan that you can easily send to each client in Club OS. Click here to get started.

    Provide constant feedback. 

    Communication is key. Send an encouraging text from Club OS to all of your clients at the beginning of the week! A simple text can help build client relationships by keeping them engaged outside of your session. Did you review all of the logs from your clients and notice one of them hasn't logged in? Send a friendly reminder to log in this week. You can find the login date by viewing the client's profile and hovering over their profile pic. Also, quickly review their User Progress>History to see their gym check-ins, workouts/nutrition logged, measurements taken, and injuries by month. 

    Remember, client compliance also means you are able to collect positive references and stats that boost your rep as a reputable trainer! 

    Have your own tips and tricks? Please comment below and share with our community!



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