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    Lead Source Report [Breakdown]


    Lead Source Report

    Run this report for a specific time to see if your advertising resources are being well spent! (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.)

    Leads may come from:

    • The Digital Guest Waiver (when someone selects a source from the drop-down)
    • "TI's" or when you select the 'Add New Lead' button (when you select a source for someone calling on the phone)
    • All Preferred Guests
    • The Club OS web lead form (if your club uses ours)


    An example of the Lead Source Report Data can be seen below:

    Columns generated in this report contain:

    1. Source - the marketing source that brought the lead selected.
    2. New Leads - how many leads a source generated.
    3. Walk-Ins - how many walk-ins resulted from the source
    4. Appts Booked - how many appointments were created 60 minutes in advance due to the source (remember walk-ins are not appointments).
    5. Appts Show - how many appointments were created that actually showed up due to the source.
    6. Appts Show % - The total number of appointments that were attended (Appts Show) divided by the total number of appointments that were scheduled for a specific, selected date. 
    7. Traffic - Total of appointments show and walk-ins produced by a source.
    8. Closes - leads closed from a source.
    9. Close % - % of leads closed from a source
    10. Member Units - How many memberships were sold
    11. Memb EFT - new member Electronic Fund Transfer amount a source generated.
    12. Memb Down - new Member Down payment amount a source generated.
    13. PT Sales - $ amount of PT sold due to the source.
    14. New Revenue - total revenue generated by the source.


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