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    Email Campaign Blast Report [Breakdown]


    Email Campaign Blast Report

    With this report, you can find out key information about all email campaigns that have been made, such as who they were made by, who they are going to, and if they are active. (Click here for steps on how to access, filter, and schedule this report.) 


    Below is an example of the data collected in this report:

    The report pulls by location.  Under a location name, columns are grouped by:

    1. Campaign - name of Email Campaign generated
    2. Status - whether campaigns are 'live' or actively sending on send date.
    3. Send Date - the date a campaign will send.
    4. Send To - audience of campaign.  This can be Members, PT Members (members who purchased Personal Training), Leads, Active Guests, or Expired Guests.
    5. Created By - person who first created campaign.
    6. Created Date - date campaign was created.
    7. Updated By - person who last worked on campaign.
    8. Updated Date - date last person worked on campaign.  This is important to know when using campaigns year after year.  You would want to update it with new dates, links, etc. if information has changed in a report.


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