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    How Do I View Details of My MyiClub Membership?


    In order to view the details of your Membership you will first need to be logged into MyiClub. Once logged in, you will need to navigate to the 'My Agreement Info' page.

    On the My Agreement Info page, you can view information about your membership agreement. If you have more than one membership on your account, this page also shows the names of those members.

    If there are documents associated with your account, you can click the Documents link to view them here. Simply click the document name to open it.

    An example of the Documents link with an attached document is shown below.

    If you click the Documents link but no documents exist for your agreement, the following message is displayed.



    While MyiClub is robust in it's features, cancellation cannot be performed remotely. If you have further questions regarding the cancellation of your Membership, you will need to speak with the front desk of your location either by phone, email, or in person. 


    For further reading in regards to MyiClub, CLICK HERE to access their help portal. 

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