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    How Do I Update My MyiClub Billing Information?


    Using MyiClub, updating your billing information is easy!

    "Your stored payment method is used to pay any scheduled invoices. Payment options include major credit cards and EFT (electronic funds transfer from checking or savings accounts).

    You set the effective date for the payment method, the date the site will start using the stored billing information."

    To update this information, first hover over "My Club" and select "MyiClub"

    From here, log in with your private credentials and click "My Billing Info" in the left-hand navigation. Once this page loads, select "Update" next to your currently Stored Payment Method.


    Finally, populate the appropriate fields with the updated information, click 'Save' and you're done!



    For further reading in regards to MyiClub, CLICK HERE to access their help portal. 

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