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    "How Do I Edit the Order of Employees Within the Club OS Calendar?"


    Begin by searching for the desired employee. Select the 'User Search' in the sidebar menu, then enter the employee's name in the search bar.

    Filtering User - User Search.png

    Select the employee from the search results. Once on the employee's profile, select the 'Account Settings' icon.

    Account Settings.png

    After going into an employee's Account Settings and scrolling down to Employee Settings, you have the option to assign a number to the employee's Master Schedule Priority. The system starts at the highest number set in the priority. This means that someone with a schedule priority number of 100 will come before a person with a priority number of 1.

    It is best practice to assign a calendar priority number between 1 and 100 for each of your employees. Also, set the numbers in increments of 5 or 10 for any future additions or adjustments.

    Master Schedule Priority.png

    Note: Club OS does not have a setting to adjust the calendar prioirty per location for clubs with multiple location access.

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