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    Workflows Integration: ShapeNet


    What is ShapeNet?

    ShapeNet is a club management and billing system. Club OS customers use ShapeNet as their membership management provider, primarily the billing and check-in services.

    Goal of the Integration

    Customers will use ShapeNet as their billing provider and use Club OS for Lead Management. They intend to continue using ShapeNet for selling memberships, managing club access, and running reports related to that data.

    Integration Workflow





    ShapeNet syncs the following features to Club OS (ShapeNet > Club OS):

    • Employees
    • Members (via Tracker URL)
    • Membership Agreements (via Tracker URL)

    Club OS syncs the following features to ShapeNet (Club OS > ShapeNet):

    • Prospects

    ShapeNet Integration Details

    A. Members (Including Membership Agreement)

    • Club OS pulls from ShapeNet at each sync time
    • ShapeNet pushes to Club OS when a membership is added or updated

    B. Employees

    • Club OS pulls from ShapeNet at each sync time

    C. Prospects

    • Club OS pushes to ShapeNet when a prospect is added and updated.
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