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    How do you delete an employee account?


    Once a staff member has stopped working for a club, Club Admins should take several steps to assure that, both, the former employee's responsibilities and leads are redistributed amongst the club's remaining staff. Taking this precaution will prevent a club's leads and events from falling into neglect.

    1. Transfer All Assigned Follow-Up (Both Member and Personal Training)

    Enter User Search and set the filters to display every lead who currently possesses the former employee as their Assigned Follow-Up Employee. It is advisable to enable the 'include deleted' filter when setting up the search criteria. This will ensure that all profiles including deleted ones show in the search results. Next, click the Search Actions menu and select 'Transfer Users'. Lastly, set the newly required specifications and click 'Transfer'. For more details on Transferring Follow-Ups, click here.


    2. Update Assigned Defaults

    Note: This step is only necessary if the former employee held an email default role.

    Enter the Location Defaults page via My Club's 'Location Settings' sub-tab. Reassign any default accounts that may currently be attributed to the former employee. Lastly, click 'Save Location Defaults'. For more details on Location Defaults, click here.

    3. Assign Clients to Another Trainer (If Applicable)

    Note: This step is only necessary if the former employee held a trainer role.

    Run the Employee Active Clients Report for the former trainer to receive a complete list of that trainer's currently assigned members. Pull up a replacement trainer's Assigned Members page (located within their Club Setup tab). Click the page's search field, enter a reported member's name, and select their profile to assign that member to the replacement trainer. Next, click that member's link to access their Assigned Trainers page. Unassign the former trainer by clicking the 'X' set to the right of that trainer's name. Repeat this process for each member listed within the former trainer's Employee Active Clients Report.

    4. Reassign All Scheduled Events to a New Event Owner

    Enter the Calendar and view the former employee's schedule. Click each event and set its Event Owner to a remaining staff member. One of the things that should be done ensure that there are not any recurring events scheduled that need to be adjusted as well.

    5. Check Message History and Respond to Clients

    Enter the former employee's profile and refer to their Messages section. Reply to each message populated within the window.

    6. Delete Employee From Within User Search

    Return to User Search and set the filters to display the former employee's profile. Click the 'X' located at the far right side of the profile. When a pop-up window appears asking 'Are you sure you want to delete "[Employee's Name]"?', select 'Okay'. For more details on how to Delete Users, click here.

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