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    How To Add/Remove Marketing Sources


    In this article, we will talk about how to add and remove marketing ‘Marketing Sources’ for your club.

    Global Impact

    - Marketing Source that are added to your club, and not selected as ‘Staff Only’ or ‘Disabled’,  will be available to be chosen from the different ‘Source’ drop down menus throughout Club OS, this includes the ‘User Search’, Digital Guest Waiver, the members Prospecting>General tab, and the ‘Add New Lead’ page.

    - A Facebook Lead Ad marketing source will be the name of the Facebook Ad. For more information on Facebook Lead Ads, check our Help Center article here: Facebook Lead Ads

    - If you have access to multiple locations, you can select the different locations to adjust from the drop down found on the left side of the screen.

    - To make these changes, you must have access to the ‘Location Settings’ section of Club OS. Generally, this will need to be done from a Club Admin level account.


    1. Navigate to the ‘My Club’ section on the left side of the screen and select ‘Location Settings’. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.35.47_AM.png
    2. In the ‘Location Settings’ screen, select ‘Marketing Sources’. Screen_Shot_2018-01-08_at_11.36.16_AM.png
    3. Add your new Marketing Source in the ‘New Marketing Source’ section and select ‘Add’ to add the source.
      1. Selecting ‘Staff Only’ will make the Marketing Source only available in the Add New Lead, the Prospecting>General tab of Club OS, and the ‘User Search’ page.
      2. Selecting ‘Disable’ will remove the source from the different Marketing Source dropdowns in Club OS except for the ‘User Search’ page.
      3. The ‘Priority’ option determines what source appears first in the drop downs. The highest numbered priority will appear first, and the lowest number will appear last in the drop downs. If two more source have the same priority, they will be grouped together and displayed alphabetically.

    Note: Please ensure you have the Marketing Sources correctly labeled in your billing provider to match Club OS.

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